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For over a decade, the team at Finca Bamboo has been working on the development of a treatment solution used in a treatment process known as "modified boucherie method". This way of treating bamboo allow for large size bamboo treatment without the extreme waste and pollution of the traditional boucheri emethod or submersion approach. With the assistance and knowledge of ________ have created most likely one of the most effective treatment solution to date. The specificity of the product allow for a fast way of treating bamboo directly through the capilaries of the pole without the need to submerge or alter the integrity of the pole by piercing throught the internodes. The entire process is self contained in an eco conscious approach. (zero waste and no environmntal pollution). Propulsion Treatment through capilaries also allow for a complete treatment of the bamboo mass therefore being well more effective than submersion treatment which always create air pockets and untreated areas. 

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